Aspiring Gynandromorph


this is the only cap that will ever  matter 


idk whose face i like best, sam’s “these are fuckin mine,” nat’s “i am gonna kill u,” or steve’s “oh shit oh shit these people are crazier than me”

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"All anime is the same"

Let me explain you a thing

A short-haired brunette individual manages to achieve a prestigious position due primarily to hard work and determination. Once there, an unexpected other side to them is discovered that leads them to hardships and conflicts between their two “selves”, but they also manage to put both aspects to use. They are joined by a cast that includes, among others, a strong silent protective dark haired character and a short blonde who looks younger than his age and who seems innocent and naive but who holds secret reserves of ferocity. The main character frequently feels out of place and at odds with the cast, but the cast tends to consistently support them.

And then the titans kick a hole through the school wall and eat Tamaki.

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